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In addition to unsurpassed litigation experience, the attorneys of Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. work hard to get top settlement amounts for their clients.

In the past few years, Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. has secured some of the top settlement amounts in the fields of police misconduct, prison abuse, excessive force, and other civil rights violations.

Below is a partial list of our numerous settlements:

$9 million

In 2005 and 2006, Gregory E. Kulis and Associates, Ltd. was part of the legal team representing a man wrongfully imprisoned for more than 11 years. After his exoneration through DNA evidence, our client was awarded the single largest settlement amount ever paid to an individual by the City of Chicago.

Approximately $650,000

We received varying amounts for approximately 14 individuals who were wrongfully arrested by the same Chicago police officer for driving under the influence.


In 2005 Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. obtained this settlement amount for a man shot multiple times by Chicago police officers.


The largest settlement ever obtained against the Rockford Police Department, Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. represented a man shot several times during an encounter with officers.


In 2005, Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. represented a Cook County prisoner who suffered a broken jaw after being beaten by prison guards.

Case Updates:

Illinois Moment of Silence Law Deemed Unconstitutional (Sherman v. School District 216, et al.).

In 2008, the Illinois State Legislature amended the Moment of Silence Law in the State of Illinois, which required all children in public schools to have a moment of silence to pray and/or reflect. Rob Sherman, a renowned atheist, and his daughter, Dawn Sherman, a Buffalo Grove High School student, retained Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. to challenge the constitutionality of this law. The plaintiff moved for a class action against all school districts in Illinois to prevent this law from going forward, which would project prayer in the public schools. An injunction was entered against the State of Illinois preventing enforcement of this law and thereafter, the Shermans moved for class certification against all public school districts in the State of Illinois, which was granted. Ultimately, Judge Robert Gettleman of the United States District Court of the Northern District of Illinois held that the law was unconstitutional and violated the exclusionary clause of the United States Constitution.

Hazing of Presidential Election Celebrants.

On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama was elected. In Chicago, many supporters were celebrating in the streets, screaming and yelling as the election results declared Barack Obama president. Numerous Chicago police officers took offense at a black president and used pepper spray in retaliation of the celebration. Racial comments were made while the celebrants were pepper-sprayed. Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. filed numerous lawsuits against unknown Chicago police officers for violation for these individuals’ First Amendment rights and excessive and unlawful use of force under 42 U.S.C. §1983. These lawsuits are still pending.

Springfield Resident Set Up By Bad Cops.

Larry Washington is a resident of the city of Springfield. Despite his past as an ex-gang member from Chicago and criminal past from 12 years ago, Washington moved to Springfield with his young son to start a new life. In March 2005, officers of the Springfield Police Department claimed they performed a trash rip on Mr. Washington’s trash and found cocaine in the trash. Mr. Washington’s trash was not out the day of the alleged trash rip and a forensic laboratory later found there was no cocaine in the trash. Despite this, Springfield police officers raided Mr. Washington’s home with a search warrant based on false information and allegedly found 500 grams of cocaine in the home. Mr. Washington denied that the cocaine was his and claimed that he had been set-up. Rather than the accepting a plea bargain, Mr. Washington was determined to fight the false criminal charges. After a long and lengthy criminal ordeal, which took almost two years, the charges were dropped. The two lead detectives on the case were ultimately fired from the Springfield Police Department for violations of numerous rules and regulations. Mr. Washington retained Gregory E. Kulis & Associates, Ltd. to file a §1983 action for conspiracy and false arrest against these detectives. This case proceeded to trial once, but a mistrial had to be declared due to discriminatory comments made among jurors.

$100,000 to Sandwich Shop Owner.

A Schaumburg sandwich shop owner had a dispute with a customer over a sandwich. Police were called by the customer. The officer who arrived on the scene tried to force his will upon the shop owner. The officer physically attacked and arrested the shop owner claiming he pushed the officer. The shop owner received abrasions to his face and body seeking minimal medical attention and some psychological counseling from the incident. Our firm ultimately reached a settlement of $100,000 for the shop owner for his claim.

$87,000 to a Landlord and Tenants.

In 2009, a Chicago landlord/owner of several single-family rental homes and the tenants sued the City of Chicago for unlawfully entering apartments by using Chicago police authority to unlawfully investigate the landlord. After complaining about these actions, numerous bogus building violations were issued against the landlord. A settlement of $87,000 was reached.

Approximately $650,000 for Wrongful DUI Charges.

Fourteen (14) individuals shared $650,000 (varying amounts for each individual) for being wrongfully arrested by the same Chicago police officer and charged with driving under the influence. The Chicago police officer resigned during the pendency of the case. The Chicago Sun Times and Fox 32 News Chicago broke this story.

$1.35 Million for Police Shooting.

In 2012, a jury awarded the family of Kenneth Elrod $1.35 million for his death. Mr. Elrod got into an altercation with off-duty police officers in a local bar. He went home, got two guns, picked up his friend and went looking for one or more of these individuals. Sometime early that morning, one of the off-duty officers shot and killed the plaintiff and his friend. No witnesses other than the officers testified as to what happened in regard to the shooting. Despite the same, the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff.

$95,500 Offer of Judgment and $65,000 in Attorneys’ Fees and Costs for Pistol Whipping by an Intoxicated Off-Duty Police Officer.

In 2012, a young man and his girlfriend were visiting friends when confronted by an off-duty Chicago police officer on the north side of the city. The off-duty officer pistol whipped the young man and physically choked the young lady with his gun pointed at her mouth. Police were called to the scene, but when the police officer assailant showed his badge to the uniformed officer he was sent to escape into the night. Our law firm located and identified him one week before the statute of limitations was to run.

$100,000 Settlement by Cook County Sheriffs.

In 2012, Cook County sheriffs entered the wrong house, awaking and beating the plaintiff. The plaintiff, a single dad, has medical damages including cauliflower ear.

Record Of Success